WATCH: Trump Issues Urgent Warning. PLEASE Listen To Him.


The weather experts announced Hurricane Irma and the citizens will need a lot of help.

Recently, the government is making plans in order to help the citizens who are affected.

President Tramp warned the citizens.

According  to the Christian News Alert, the president said: “Hurricane Irma is of epic proportion, perhaps bigger than we have ever seen. Be safe and get out of its way, if possible. Federal G is ready!” It is predicted that Irma will hit on Saturday, over Cuba and then shift to Florida. The National Hurricane Center reported that the storm is slowing down to 130 mph, but there is a chance that the hurricane will regain the power.

Tampa and southwest part of Florida on Sunday. Even though Miami won’t encounter the strongest part of the storm, they will have life-threatening conditions. The citizens of Florida have been warned to evacuate their area, but many of them decided to stay and wait for the storm to finish.

Furthermore, the Governor of Florida, Rick Scott announced that 70 shelters will be opened for the victims of the storm. In addition to that, the National Guard and 1.000 volunteer nurses will assist the one in need of help. The first strike caused 25,000 people to lose power in their homes.

In order to get smaller damage in the storm, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is working to secure some contaminated toxic waste sites, before the country gets struck by Irma.

Nevertheless, there are other dangerous hurricanes which are a big threat to the country. Hurricane Jose hit the Caribbean, and that was a category 5 storm, and Hurricane Katia which made landfall north of Tecolutla.

Even though Hurricane Irma is weakened, together with Hurricane Jose, they can cause huge damage in some parts of Florida. Many people who decided to stay have already taken some steps in order to protect themselves from the storm. After Hurricane Harvey, the country didn’t need another hurricane. Hopefully, this will be the last one.

A message to my fellow Americans. #HurricaneIrma

Posted by Donald J. Trump on Friday, September 8, 2017

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